Manito Park

Spokane Washington

Nishinomiya Japanese Garden at Manito Park

Manito Park Japanese Garden

"Gardens and flowers have a way of bringing people together,

drawing them from their homes."

Clare Ansberry

The Japanese Garden at Manito Park is more than just another garden. This garden symbolizes a friendship between Spokane, Washington and Nishinomiya, Japan. The garden was completed in 1974.

The Nishinomiya Japanese Garden is without a doubt the most culturally unique garden at Manito Park. To add to the ambiance, the garden is surrounded by a wood fence which adds a mystique and cozy feel.


 Spokanes Japanese Garden

This peaceful garden revolves around a central feature - the Koi pond.  This pond is filled with a variety of Koi that both children, young and old, love to gawk at. The uniqueness of each one speaks to the awesomeness of creation.

A pebble path guides you around this beautiful pond. Surrounding the pond are traditional bonsai-looking trees and Japanese sculptures.  A few hidden coves provide places to retreat and sit quietly while still hearing the sounds of flowing water.

Manito Park Koi Pond

The original architect was Nagao Akurai who once directed the grounds at the Imperial Palace. Mr. Akurai was recruited in 1967 to design the Japanese Garden. In 1973, however, Mr. Akurai had a stroke and two landscape architects picked up where Mr. Akurai left off. Shosuke Nagai and Hirokiko Kawai, from Kobe, Japan, completed the Japanese Garden in 1974 and on May 17, 1974 both Spokane and Nishinomiya participated in a dedication ceremony.