Manito Park

Spokane Washington

Manito Park Conservatory

The Gaiser Conservatory was opened and dedicated in 1988 after a large remodel. Since 1912, several small greenhouses were scattered about Manito Park but in 1974 they were updated. The central greenhouse was named after Dr. David Gaiser who was a longtime Park Board Member.

Manito Park Gaiser Conservatory

The Gaiser Conservatory is more than just a display house; it supplies the various gardens in Manito Park with its plants and flowers.  It is centrally located between the Duncan Garden, Perennial Garden and Rose Hill Garden.  The Japanese Garden is a leisurely walk from the greenhouse.

Today Gaiser Conservatory is open all year round – which is a big deal when cold winters dominate one-quarter of the year. It is here that locals can retreat from cold and find tropical and subtropical plants from around the world. The brilliantly colored displays and smells are a treat for the senses.

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